ESCARNIUM - Dysthymia
$6.66 - $24.99

  • ESCARNIUM - Dysthymia
  • ESCARNIUM - Dysthymia
  • ESCARNIUM - Dysthymia

ESCARNIUM - Dysthymia
$6.66 - $24.99

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Releases September 9, 2022

" 2022, 03 A. C. (after COVID), More than 6 million dead, gasping for air with infected lungs. And still counting... Hypocritical evildoers dictating the rules of the “modern world”, dragging us beyond what’s primitive… the Taliban, ISIS, murderers disguised as messiahs… Modern dictators protecting families and lands, establishing the paths we trudge towards what we hope to be progress, but ultimately is revealed to be decadence. All in the name of “freedom”, they say!

Open skies, borderless internment camps. Opposers (me, you, them?) Annihilated through slow famine and misery. Radioactive sentences pronounced, and incoming inglorious demise! Anguish Ad Nausea. Endemic process, a shadow that eternally haunts humanity… And a single virus unveils our insignificance in front of the grey kingdom, that never ceases to expand.

We dedicate this release to all of those dead in the name of “reason”, inside the corridors of the Colônia Hospital, or in the frozen fields of the 731, the gulags, Auschwitz and so on; mass murders, prison systems, or on the streets of all the capitalist metropolises. Countless are the days of bloodbath. Death is always reigning and in common graves rest the old, the hated, murderers, innocent, religious, atheists, the weak, human rejects, with or without comorbidities, denialists without said reason. The grey kingdom always growing, without distinction, they all lie together, we all lie together.

Dedicated to all of those silently screaming, perishing, always about to finally live..."

Grieving, but surviving…

Victor Elian - 03.06.2022

Escarnium is:

Victor Elian - Rhythm guitars / Vocals
Nestor Carrera - Drums
Alex Hahn - Lead guitars
Vitor Giovanni - Bass

Dysthymia was recorded in January 2022.
Drums, bass and vocals engineered by Reinaldo Jr at RMS Estudio, Agudos, Brazil.
Rhythm guitars engineered by Nestor Carrrera at Escarnium studio, Bauru, Brazil.
Solos engineered by Alex Hahn at Cologne, Germany.
Edited, mixed and mastered by Caleb Bingham at Nightmare Sound Studio, Gröningen, Netherlands.
Produced By Escarnium and Caleb Bingham.

“Into the Grave” by Jensa Paulsson, Joergen Sandstroem and Ola Lindgren. Originally performed by Grave. Copyright Reservoir Media Music.

Artwork by @Unggur.yulianto and layout by Nestor Carrera

Track Listing

  1. Inglorious Demise
  2. Far Beyond Primitive
  3. Deluged in Miasma
  4. Anguish Ad Nauseum
  5. Dysthymia
  6. Into The Grave

Pressing Information

200 x 12" LP on Chaos Color Vinyl (Ecomix)

300 x CD

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