CURSE OF DENIAL - The Reckoning EP
$3.00 - $10.99

  • CURSE OF DENIAL - The Reckoning EP
  • CURSE OF DENIAL - The Reckoning EP

CURSE OF DENIAL - The Reckoning EP
$3.00 - $10.99

RELEASE DATE: November 12th

From the ashes of one of Cleveland's heralded Death Metal acts, DESCEND, CURSE OF DENIAL released their debut album, The 13th Sign, back in 2017 which featured appearances from underground Cleveland legends such as Nunslaughter, Embalmer, Decrepit, From the Depths, Ringworm, and Keelhaul. The band play a vicious brand of old school Thrash-inspired Blackened Death Metal that we heard them take a bit further with their second full length, Coming For Your Soul in 2019.

With their latest offering in the form of an EP, The Reckoning, we hear the band at their absolute best and most ferocious. This is a no-holds-barred full on 90's Death Metal assault with enough variety in pace and dynamic to keep things interesting throughout. Rob Molzan's vocals sounds as Ross Dolan as ever, while the rest of the band are firing on all cylinders!

CURSE OF DENIAL are making a clear statement that despite their age and time in the scene, they are as potent as ever!

*The band Features ex-members of Decrepit, From the Depths, and Descend (RIP Jim Konya).

Track Listing

  1. Variant
  2. A Fractured Soul
  3. Tyrants
  4. The Reckoning
  5. Messiah

Pressing Information

200 x CDs

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