$5.00 - $9.99

  • INSINNERATOR - Hypothermia EP
  • INSINNERATOR - Hypothermia EP

$5.00 - $9.99

From the arctic breath of the Elemental Ice Dragon comes Insinnerator...

In 2006, INSINNERATOR was formed and the band began working on material that would turn into 2 early demos, Icon of Sin (2007) and Possessed (2008), followed by a 3rd entitled Rites of Execution in 2010. The bands first full length, Stalagmite of Ice, was self-released a year later in 2011 and the band quickly began being compared to artists such as Demolition Hammer, Pestilence, and Protector.

In 2012, the band self-released their strongest material to date in the form of an EP entitled, Hypothermia. In support of the release of the EP the band was invited to play alongside acts such as Lich King, Devastation, Condition Critical, and Power Trip.

In 2017, Insinnerator was the #1 fan-voted band for the final round of a contest hosted by Combat Records (re-launched by David Ellefson of Megadeth). After receiving more than 51,000 votes in the contest, Insinnerator was subsequently featured on the Combat Records compilation album BULLETS: VOL 1.0.

Redefining Darkness are super excited to share the re-issue of INSINNERATOR's 2012 EP that will transport you back to the heyday of the Thrash / Speed Metal movement! This re-issue also marks the return of the band who are currently working on a brand new album out on Redefining Darkness in 2022/2023.

FFO: Demolition Hammer, Pestilence, Num Skull, and Protector

Track Listing

  1. Burned Alive
  2. Pentagram
  3. Hypothermia
  4. Elemental Ice Dragon
  5. Aquatic Abyss
  6. Curse (Horror of Dracula)

Pressing Information

300 x CDs

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