HANGING FORTRESS - Darkness Devours
$3.00 - $11.99

  • HANGING FORTRESS - Darkness Devours
  • HANGING FORTRESS - Darkness Devours

HANGING FORTRESS - Darkness Devours
$3.00 - $11.99

"The music quickly becomes a gargantuan stomping and shivering beast, one that inflicts a thuggish, cold-blooded beating but just as powerfully generates a sensation of red-eyed viciousness as the guitars rise in feeding frenzies of derangement and the vocals spray blood all over the walls..."

"Darkness Devours is the sort of death metal record that writhes in the murk and revels in the pit. The devastation and horror behind a track like album closer 'Killing You' is delectable. This is a band who, for as much as they may like hardcore, are clearly also extremely invested in old school bands like Cannibal Corpse. It adds to the devastating magic and keeps you utterly enthralled throughout...There are moments here that border on the terrifying and others that will capture the imagination. 'Darkness Devour's consistently proves though that Hanging Fortress are a one of a kind sonic force who are here to rip out your throat, tear out your hair and leave you wondering - what sort of monstrosity is this? "
- Two Guys Metal Reviews

Formed in 2018, Hanging Fortress is a young 5-piece Death Metal band from Toledo, Ohio. This Ohio quintet combine vicious blast beats, bonehead riffs, and crushing primitive groove intended to absolutely pummel the listener. After releasing 2 EPs since their inception, their debut LP, Darkness Devours, brings a new level of HEAVY into the Midwest Metal scene.

Hanging Fortress is:
Kyle - Guitar
Jack - Guitar
Jimmy - Bass
Eric - Drums
Marcus - Vocals

Written by Hanging Fortress
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Pat Shekut of Underhill Recordings.
Artwork by Anthony Orosz and Jimmy Smo.

Track Listing

  1. Burned Alive
  2. Stab Wounds
  3. Hanging Fortress
  4. Blood Mountain
  5. Darkness Devours
  6. Drown
  7. Killing You

Pressing Information

300 x Cds in jewel case w/ 8 page booklet

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