Montreal Death Metal act, AKURION, is comprised of Mike DiSalvo (Vocals), Rob Milley (Guitars), Oli Pinard (Bass) and Tommy McKinnon (Drums)....the member's names speak for themselves. Back in 2012, fresh off the last Neuraxis tour, Rob had approached Mike to see if he would be interested in working on some ideas that he had for several new songs. The chemistry was immediate and plans were laid out for lyrical content and general structures and arrangements of the riffs. A year was spent working through the tunes and when the time became paramount to propel the project forward, Tommy and Oli were asked to be involved as they embodied the perfect elements to add to the band.

Four like-minded, well established musicians from the Montreal Underground Metal Scene forged a likely bond through one great equalizer; the love of crafting tunes and developing crushing musical flashes in time. The projects dark overtones, textures and sinister melodies are a major driving force and many layers await the patient listener.

About the Album ' Come Forth to Me' :
The eight song debut album, Come Forth To Me was engineered and recorded live by Alex Hebert, including overdubs and a majority of guest vocals, at Mastermind Studios in Montreal from April - December 2017 and was mixed and mastered by Jeanne Strieder at Magma Studios in Germany in March of 2018. Gracing the band with their immense talent, the likes of Lord Worm, Luc Lemay, Jean-Marie Leblanc, Sylvia Hinz, Austin Taylor, Genevieve DiSalvo and Jeanne Strieder all contributed vocally or musically to the project.

** the band was originally teasing this material back in 2015.. Due to Mike's wife's terminal illness, Genevieve DiSalvo, who sadly left our world in 2018 and Oli's schedule once he joined Cattle Decapitation, the band was put on indefininate hiatus until it felt right and everyone was in a good place to move this band forward.

The time has come. Listen for yourself...

Mike DiSalvo - Vocals (Coma Cluster Void, ex-Cryptopsy)
Rob Milley - Guitars (Neuraxis, Necrotic Mutation)
Oli Pinard - Bass (Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation, Neuraxis, Vengeful)
Tommy McKinnon - Drums (Conflux, ex-Neuraxis & ex-Augury)